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Common Diseases during Hajj

Common Diseases during Hajj

Among the most common diseases during the Hajj is exfoliation (between thighs), to prevent it keep the personal hygiene and regular bathing, use powder and other moisturizing cream when needed, walk in strides to avoid exfoliation as much as possible and Keep in-between thigh area clean and dry.


Xerophthalmia (Eye Dryness)

It is caused by the dust, dryness of the weather and direct exposure to the sun.


Using sunglasses.

Being interested in bringing an additional pair of sunglasses in the event that you damaged or lost the other one; it is recommended that its rim be plastic.

Not using contacting lens only after referring to your oculist.

Using moisturizing eye drops after referring to your oculist.


Keep away from fatty foods.

Verify of the cleanliness of food, and cook it well, and don't buy foods from street vendors (See the Prevention of Food Poisoning).

Drink much liquid to avoid dehydration.

Head for the nearest health center if diarrhea persists.


Eat much fresh fruit and vegetables.

Drink much liquid.

Nausea and Vomiting

Don't eat and drink too much, especially fatty foods, until nausea and vomiting stop.

Drink frequently to avoid dehydration.

See a doctor in case vomiting is severe or persisting.

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