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Healthy Habits to follow in Ramadan


Healthy Habits to follow in Ramadan

1.    Drink 8 glasses of water daily from Iftar to Suhour to prevent dehydration and constipation
2.    Sleep for 6-8 hours a day to get sufficient mental and physical rest. Less sleep means you will feel tired during the day which in turns leads to less productivity and activity
3.    Have a balanced varied Iftar which incorporates dates, soup, salad, a main dish, fruits and a small piece of Ramadan sweet
4.    Walk or participate in some kind of physical activity
5.    Have Suhour to fill your body with energy and help regulate your blood sugar

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نظام الديتوكس لتخليص الجسم من السموم في أسبوع
بعضٌ العادات الصحيّة التي ننصح الصائمين باتباعها

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