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Learn about the benefits of dates at Iftar

Many of us do eats dates in Ramadan automatically as a tradition of "Messenger of Allah peace be upon him" without asking himself what is the benefit behind breakfast on dates? There is no doubt that behind this purified prophetic year, medical guidance and health benefits and useful governance, in fact if you are a lover of dates in general, we will add other reasons in this article make you love dates more,
Learn about benefits for dates at breakfast:
• Dates rich in monoclonal fast absorption, which does not require intensive digestion and therefore the body can absorb quickly and benefit from its nutritional properties, and therefore it is a food that helps to give energy to the human body after the number of long hours of fasting,
• Helps the body to get rid of the toxins accumulated inside, because of the high content of fiber.
• Dates contain many mineral elements such as iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium in addition to phosphorus, in addition to vitamins A, D, C antioxidant, all of which help to clean the body of harmful free radicals and strengthen the liver and heart and blood because of the mineral mine easy and quick absorption.
• The fasting person feels full of weight gain because it is poor in fatty substances, and avoid the feeling of bloating and exposure to bad digestion.
• Devour the amoeba and yitk bacteria that may infect humans, and is a good food and nourishing the brain and nerve cells.
• Protects the body from the formation of stones, it helps to correct the acidity of urine resulting from fasting,
• It is rich in vitamins and minerals and rich in dietary fiber, which makes the fasting person feel full and does not rush to eat in a way that is harmful to his digestive system.
• Dates limit the activity of the thyroid gland as it contains phosphorus, which is a food for nerve cells in the brain
• In the cases of anemia, dates are known to contain a high percentage of iron, making it ideal for people with anemia. It also increases energy and fights fatigue and lethargy.
• Breakfast limits the dates of the hunger of the fasting person and his appetite for food, do not accept food Bnham.
• When it comes to strengthening bones and strengthening immunity, according to many studies, eating three times a day at breakfast is the best means of food to prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

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