Medical departments
قسم المسالك البولية

dental and maxillofacial surgery department

The Department of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Saudi German Hospital -  Dammam consists of clinics specializing in treating all dental and periodontal diseases, such as repair of facial and maxillary fractures, removal of facial tumors, jaws, lower jaw joint surgeries, repair of congenital anomalies, surgical orthodontics, and cleft lip repair, Cleft palate cracks, treatment of cellular infections in the face, air sacs, and others.

The dental department of the Saudi German Hospital includes a number of senior university professors and consultants with the highest academic degrees and fellowships, from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the nursing department is assisting them at the highest level of proficiency and professionalism, graduates of the colleges of nursing and the higher institutes of nursing, in addition to A highly experienced group of laboratory and radiologists and technicians.

The Department of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Saudi German Hospital is considered one of the leading departments in the use of modern methods and technologies for diagnosis and treatment, and the hospital administration strives to include the most important and the latest equipment, diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment, and also uses the latest global protocols for the treatment of patients.

Some of the services of the Department of Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery at Saudi German Hospital, Aseer:

Dental implants:

The prosthetic implant replacement process is done in the Saudi German Hospital, by placing a nail or cylinder of titan in the upper or lower jaw, our doctors make sure that the implanted teeth are fixed in the jaw, and can bear the pressure naturally, it is also guaranteed that the implant appear very similar to real teeth in terms of stability, appearance, and function if taken care of well.

In the Department of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Saudi German Hospital, we provide you with the best possible medical care. theoritically,  any dentist can perform dental implants, but you will find the German hospital doctors, experience and scientific certificates required, and they have sufficient experience to use technology, and modern technologies In their work, where dental implants are made using a computer in 3D technology to provide the greatest possible safety for the patient.

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth:

The potential problems and planning to remove the wisdom teeth in the Saudi German Hospital are evaluated through an x-ray imaging of the jaw. Also, during and after the operation, what can happen after undergoing this procedure is explained, as well as closing the wound with stitches if necessary, and this leads to recovery Much faster and more comfortable in the treatment area. the wisdom teeth that cause such complaints, the removal must be done surgically.

Treatment of fractures of the lower jaw:

Fractures of the lower jaw occur in the event of a collision, or when falling from a high place, or practicing violent sports such as boxing, and other reasons, and it is considered one of the common facial fractures, where it comes after fractures of the nose bone.

Lower jaw fractures are not considered life threatening diseases, but they may cause many complications when their treatment is late, and the dental and maxillofacial department of the Saudi German Hospital relies on clinical examination, and the work of panoramic x-rays to detect jaw fractures, clarify the location of the fracture, and the condition of the joint, and has Some cases require a CT scan.

Methods for treating jaw fractures differ from one case to another depending on the severity of the fracture, but the specialist usually restores the fracture directly to its place, or adjusts the match of the teeth until the fracture returns to its place directly, then the jaw is fixed in its place using slides and fine nails, which are removed after 6 Months in the case of children, or a year in the case of the elderly.