Medical departments
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Department of Neurology

The Neurology Department in the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam is a center of academic excellence over the past years, as our three-part mission includes meeting the health care needs of patients with neurological problems, developing knowledge through research in neuroscience, and training the next generation of neurologists in the Saudi German Hospital, Dammam, so that they are of the highest level of scientific and professional competence.

The Neurology Department within the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam is proud to be a distinguished department in patient care, in addition to providing comprehensive consulting services, evaluation and treatment for adults and children with neurological disorders that include epilepsy - stroke - movement disorders - memory disorders - multiple sclerosis - and neuromuscular disorders  - and neurological tumors - and sleep disorders, in addition to the expansion in the development of pediatric neurology, where the treatments provided within the hospital include all diseases of the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, and muscle diseases.

Through our commitment to scientific research within the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam, we continue to gain insight and understanding of the natural and abnormal functions of the human nervous system, and how to care for related disorders, as we work to provide the following therapeutic services to our patients: -

  • Treatment of enuresis in both children and adults.
  • Treating aging-related diseases.
  • Treatment of brain strokes : -

We work within the Saudi German Hospital to treat strokes that include brain exposure to internal bleeding or clots, through: -

Physical examination: -

Where the best doctor inside the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam will perform a number of tests that you may know such as listening to your heart (auscultating your heart) and checking your blood pressure, in addition to doing a neurological examination to know the impact of a possible stroke on the nervous system.

  • Blood work

You do several blood tests, including tests to check how quickly your blood clots, whether your blood glucose is high or low, and know if you have an infection, as well as other treatments you can check out when contacting us.

Treating cases of epilepsy and convulsions of various kinds:

After being diagnosed with epilepsy, you have several ways to obtain treatment under the supervision of an integrated medical team inside the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam, by following a special diet that works on your nerves or your brain, as the type of medicine your doctor suggests depends on some of the following things: -

Frequency of siezures :-

  • Your age

  • Your gender

  • Exposed to any diseases or other medical conditions.
  • In case you want to become pregnant

Providing treatment for various motor diseases: -

Motor neuron diseases are a group of conditions that cause the nerves in the spine and brain to lose their function over time. Motor neuron disease can appear at any age, but symptoms usually appear after the age of 40, a disease that affects men more than women, such as: -

  • Parkinsonism
  • Corea
  • tremors

The capabilities of the Neurology Unit within the Saudi German Hospital: -

We work inside the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam, to provide the best services at the highest level of technology, and work to provide the best modern medical devices, and supportive of various treatment programs within each department in the hospital as follows: -

  • First: - Specialized devices for anesthesia.

  • Second: - Specialized devices for comprehensive and continuous monitoring of brain and nerve conditions that require continuous care.
  • Third: - Neurophysiology Unit: -

The hospital was distinguished for providing the latest medical devices used within the department, as the department was able to include:

  • Computarized EEG
  • Computarized EMG and NCV

If you suffer from one of the previous neurological diseases, it is better for you to visit the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam, and get to know more about the treatment services that we are providing in the hospital.