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Department of Physiotherapy

The Department of Physiotherapy at the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam is distinguished by its constant quest for excellence in achieving our mission, through a group of our experts and specialists in the field of physical therapy.

If you've never heard of a physiotherapist, and you're not sure what to do or how they can help you? It is best for you to continue reading to find out more about them.

Who is the physiotherapist inside the Saudi German: -

The Saudi German physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who provides direct care to patients with movement disorders, physiological and developmental disabilities and functional restrictions, whether they are caused by an injury or illness, to help them achieve maximum physical function and mobility.

The physiotherapist at  the German Saudi seeks to the following: -

  • Diagnosis and management of movement impairment, and enhancing patients' physical and functional capabilities.
  • Restoring optimum health and fitness for a healthy life.
  • Preventing the onset of symptoms and exposure to relapse again, the development of disability and functional restrictions that may result from diseases, disorders, or injuries.

In-hospital physiotherapists receive training necessary to fulfill the full range of patient care responsibilities, including musculoskeletal-muscular-pulmonary muscles and complementary disorders that interfere with physical function, as the wide options in in-hospital physiotherapy allow the development and follow-up of the care focus beginning with children And athletes to the elderly.

The advantages of the physiotherapy department at the Saudi German: -

Because physiotherapy practices need and want to provide the best possible care, they need to do their best to provide the best in advanced treatment regimens, and the good news is that in-hospital physiotherapy programs are there to meet the complex needs of physiotherapy practices of all sizes.

The hospital works to provide excellent care for patients while dealing with the ever increasing complexities and challenges, as the hospital focuses on providing physical therapy as an effective treatment to support people with physical disabilities to be able to carry out the activities of daily life and walking. Physiotherapists use their experiences and work with doctors to provide therapeutic exercises that help them reach the final recovery stage.

Physiotherapists use a variety of physical methods - including exercise, massage, and spinal manipulation - to treat injuries, diseases, and other disorders.

Benefits of seeing a physiotherapist: -

Some people feel that physiotherapy services are only intended for injured athletes or those recovering from surgery, it is true that these people often work with physiotherapists, but they are not the only ones who can do this, you of course need to contact a physiotherapist inside a hospital Saudi German for the following reasons: -

Reduced feeling of pain: -

Many people see physiotherapists, because they have some kind of pain, unpleasant pain may be associated with an old injury or postoperative pain, or chronic pain that does not seem to have a clear cause.

How to do it inside the hospital:

Physiotherapists have the tools and knowledge to help people with all kinds of pain, as we often use a mixture of massages, exercises to strengthen muscles, reduce inflammation and reduce discomfort until healing occurs.

Reducing the need for surgery: -

It's common to see physiotherapists after surgery, sometimes even though a physiotherapist can completely eliminate the need for surgery.

How to do it inside the hospital:

By spending some time to strengthen your muscles and improve your mobility, you may find that you feel better, and you no longer want to undergo surgical procedures.

To get rid of the pain of injuries: -

Is pain or inability to move related to an injury? Whether it is a serious injury or a chronic injury that has accumulated over the years, physiotherapy services can help.

How to do it inside the hospital:

Physiotherapists can use exercises, and various methods such as ultrasound to help restore your movement and help you increase your strength so you can continue doing the activities you love without any pain or discomfort.

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