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Department of Vascular Surgery

The department of vascular surgery in the Saudi German Hospital in  Dammam  is distinguished by following the latest technologies for treating vascular diseases. blood circulation is defined as a system of flexible tubes that differ in size and that move blood components to all parts of the body, the process begins when the heart contracts, Pump the blood loaded with oxygen and nutrients into the cells of the body, then the veins return the blood loaded with carbon dioxide from the various body cells to the heart again.

Any defect that affects this system is classified as a vascular disease, and the problems that can affect the blood circulation vary to include arterial and venous problems that lead to ischemia. aneurysm, arteriosclerosis, blood clots, vasculitis, coronary artery disease, stroke, and varicose veins are considered the most prominent vascular diseases that are treated with the latest technology in the Saudi German Hospital in  Dammam .

Why do you choose the Department of Vascular Surgery at the Saudi German Hospital?

  • The department has the latest medical equipment and skilled medical cadres, which help in performing many surgical operations such as balloon catheterization, treatment of acute and chronic arterial insufficiency, treatment of varicose veins and treatment of clots and cases of diabetic foot and arterial venous connections
  • The vascular surgery department in the Saudi German Hospital provides patients with vascular diseases the latest forms of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all types of arterial and venous disorders. We choose the best and most effective treatment for each individual patient, due to the experience of our doctors in the field of directed catheters open operations.
  • Vascular department experts at the Saudi German Hospital provide a comprehensive and coordinated treatment for patients of all ages. Treated conditions include: peripheral artery disease, aortic disease, mesenteric disease, and carotid artery disease, and others.
  • We strive to provide the patient with the required diagnostic evaluation and diagnostic methods include dual ultrasound, magnetic resonance tomography, to determine the nature and severity of the problem so that we can determine and choose the best treatment.
  • Catheter laboratories and operating theaters in the Saudi German Hospital - Dammam  branch are equipped with the latest technology, and diagnosis is made using high-resolution three-dimensional imaging of the entire vascular network, this suite offers the latest technology for treatment without surgery, doctors treat More complicated aortic aneurysm diseases, stroke, and severly thrombosed arteries , depending on the minimum number of surgeries, we use the latest certified devices for use in the American and European markets.
  • Before taking any action, a comprehensive examination of our patients, covering all specialties, including cardiology, nephrology, anesthesiology and internal medicine is performed to improve their care before, during and after the operation.
  • Pediatric surgeons at the Saudi German Hospital are keen to consult with other pediatricians to provide comprehensive care for children.
  • Surgeons at the Saudi German Hospital discuss with you all the treatment options appropriate to your condition, which may include conventional (open) surgery and surgical intervention techniques, together, and the option that best suits your situation is chosen, for many people, this may mean minor procedures or treatments developed in Saudi German Hospital, which produces excellent results and leads to a speedy recovery.

Some of the conditions being treated in the vascular surgery department at the Saudi German Hospital:

  • Treatment of aortic aneurysm.
  • Aortic Fistula Repair.
  • Venous arterial malformation surgery.
  • Venous arterial fistula surgery.
  • Stent fitting and carotid angioplasty.
  • Reconstruction of blood vessels.
  • Carotid artery stenting.
  • IV laser therapy.
  • Surgical excision by radio waves.
  • Fixation of the inferior vena cava.
  • Treatment of renal arterial vessels.
  • Treatment of aneurysm.
  • Remove blood clot.
  • Removing veins.

Patients who have complex and serious vascular problems, and the lymphatic system always need help from vascular surgeons at the Saudi German Hospital, you can also contact the hospital to obtain the best services and medical care.