Medical departments
قسم الأنف والأذن والحنجرة

ENT department

The Department of ENT at the Saudi German Hospital – Dammam has been providing expert care for all ENT cases for years. The hospital is one of the leading and specialized agencies in providing ENT services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Diagnosis and treatment of ENT diseases, diseases of the head and neck by the best doctors and specialized experts, using microscopic and endoscopic devices, and through imaging systems and equipment of modern technological technologies found in outpatient clinics and operating rooms.

The department provides advanced diagnostic services and surgeries in many areas including: correction of prominent ear deformities, blockages in the ear canal, secretions, infection, eczema and other diseases, in addition to evaluating diseases such as correction of the eardrum piercing, otitis media, ear stiffness, and fluid accumulation In the middle ear, hearing loss, tinnitus, and we perform surgery in the areas of fundal head surgery, nasal diseases and sinus diseases, head and neck swellings.

The department treats all diseases of the ear, nose and throat, including:

Allergy :

Our doctors treat a wide range of allergies and respiratory diseases, we specialize in treating sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma, in addition to food and drug allergy, if you have any type of allergy or immune disease, our doctors are here to help you diagnose and treat your condition, in an Friendly and warm atmosphere.

Cleft lip:

Most newborns with cleft lip can be treated only during the first months of their lives, and this is done by making surgical sutures to combine both sides of the lip, and the scar on the lip heals and disappears over time.

While cleft palate repair is done between six to eighteen months of age, it is a more complex surgery and requires that the child be older and more powerful.

Cochlear implant:

It is used in the treatment of people with severe hearing impairment, as the cochlear implant is surgically implanted to stimulate their hearing nerve.

Head and neck cancer:

Each person’s condition is different from the other and the type of cancer you have, and our doctors work to use a treatment approach that is appropriate and tailored to your situation, using a full range of medical and surgical methods, including conventional and minimally invasive surgery.

We have an integrated team in the field of head and neck surgery, doctors, oncology consultants, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and linguists working together to provide you with comprehensive care.

Sinus treatment:

Our doctors have extensive experience in the field of diagnosing and treating general sinus conditions, and more complex allergies, using modern assessment and treatment methods. If you have a sinus disorder or allergy, we are here to help and take care of you.

Skull base tumors treatment:

Members of our team of neurosurgeons, ENT specialists, radiation oncologists, ophthalmologists and oncology consultants are keen on reaching the best treatment plan suitable for your condition, and team members cooperate in the surgical treatment of skull base tumors using the latest available techniques.

Thyroid and parathyroid disorders:

If you suffer from a thyroid disease, parathyroid disorders including tumors , nodules, and hyperthyroidism, we are here to provide you with a special treatment plan, specifically designed to treat your condition and meet your personal needs.

When you visit the ENT department at the Saudi German Hospital, you will find a full team of specialists and consultants to take care of you at every stage of treatment, and you will undergo a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your case by a hearing specialist and a speech and speech specialist, if surgical intervention is required, you will also meet a surgery consultant to discuss The style of care you need. Our role does not stop after receiving the appropriate treatment for you. Rather, our doctors will set up follow-up appointments to ensure your full recovery.