Medical departments
قسم الأورام

The oncology department

The Department of Oncology at the Saudi German Hospital /  Dammam  includes an integrated team of several specialties for the prevention of cancer diseases, using the best and the latest modern and advanced molecular technologies for early detection, diagnosis and control of cases, along with combining a number of units equipped with the best advanced devices that we are talking about later.

Department services for patients:

The hospital's oncology department is an integral part of the Saudi German Hospital system in  Dammam , so advanced medical services are provided to patients with hematology and oncology diseases, and it also includes a research center, in order to keep pace between the establishment of both clinical and research facilities, in order to allow a greater compatibility interaction between the two services Also, the field of oncology at the Saudi German Hospital has witnessed a major transformation in the past few years, during this period we have succeeded in introducing new methods for adapting treatment based on the molecular pathways of malignant tumors, and in line with recent scientific advances, testing and testing molecular biological markers of malignant tumors, which helps to identify the optimal treatment method.

 In addition to the ability to develop outpatient clinics to work in a meticulous manner in the treatment of malignant tumors, and in fact, chemotherapy clinics have been developed to work in a meticulous manner, the department is keen on adhering to an evolving and varied medical approach that relies on providing a wide range of multiple disciplines that serve the patient's needs, since Building his relationship with the hospital so that he can recover.

The matter is not limited to this extent, but also more specialized care is provided for each type of tumor, taking into account all needs and specialties related to all ages. The department provides its services on 3 main units and is as follows:

  • Solid tumors. There are three accredited programs in the Department of Solid Tumors, neuromas and connective tissue tumors. The coordination of the work of the multidisciplinary team in the care and treatment of all types of solid tumors in children and adults as needed, in order to provide optimal care.
  • Malignant leukemia "leukemia" The leukemia / lymphoma unit seeks to standardize the care of patients with acute and chronic leukemia, myelodysplasia, myeloproliferative syndrome, Hodgkin's disease and other lymphatic disorders, as this unit has two accredited hemophilia and hemoglobin disorders. The department deals with a number of unique disorders of blood, and takes care of a large number of patients with bone marrow failure syndrome, not to mention that it provides consulting services to the units of the department in general, so distinct care programs are provided for a number of specialties, so that it includes A program includes one or more of the following methods of treatment: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, X-ray therapy by exposing the entire body to it, treatment by surgery, or treatment by bone marrow transplant, or self-treatment, or recessive of cells, or treatment Immunotherapy, and the Department of Radiotherapy is also developing a modern technique, which is internal radiation therapy.
  • Palliative Care Unit, which includes a distinguished team of palliative care experts, which is one of the multidisciplinary methods aimed at enhancing the quality of life of cancer patients by providing a comprehensive medical and psychological examination, and diagnosing and treating cancer patients, and our mission is to integrate palliative care in all units, in practice Clinical, Research and Education, with the aim of evaluating and managing the physical and psychological problems that both cancer patients and their families suffer from, and Saudi German Hospital is considered one of the first medical institutions that use this type of care within the Oncology Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf region in a holistic way, and since its inception and the presence of the department in it until today, the medical team increases experience, development and skill day after day, because our first and last goal is to provide medical services to patients at a high level of quality and efficiency, because the process of providing care is based on multiple and complex operations, The department is very keen to provide supportive and active intervention programs by nutritionists, social workers, psychologists and qualified doctors.
  • The department's mission is to provide the best treatment and prevention methods against cancer, as it is one of the largest oncology centers and departments in the Arab Gulf region. Our services may include radiation therapy program within operations, sectional treatment, and robotic radiotherapy, along with three linear accelerators that operate at full capacity With a wide range of images, power electronics, and imaging techniques, the latest in deep breathing techniques are also used for inspiration to treat breast cancer.