Medical departments
قسم العيون

Ophthalmology department

The Department of Ophthalmology at Saudi German Hospital in Dammam provides many services for a complete eye examination, diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases, retinal diseases, field of vision examination, cataract and glaucoma surgery, treatment of strabismus cases, and reception and treatment of eye accidents and injuries around the clock.

Some of the services of the ophthalmology department:

Doctors at the Saudi German Hospital treat all eye diseases, including:

  • Refractive diseases: The Department of Ophthalmology at the Saudi German Hospital - Dammam branch, is concerned with providing the latest technologies and the highest degree of accuracy in treating vision disorders.
  • Common eye disorders such as myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism are treated with the latest refractive eye surgery techniques such as FemtoSmile and Femtolasik.
  • Corneal diseases: In addition to treatment of corneal diseases, treatment of keratoconus, treatment of conjunctival diseases, treatment of eye allergy, and corneal transplant surgery.
  • Cataract: Cataract means that the lens that is clear in its natural state is clouded. For people with cataract, vision seems to be as looking from a frozen or foggy window. And lead to difficulty reading, driving a car (especially at night), or watching the expression on the face of others, and cataract surgery in the Saudi German Hospital is one of the most safe and effective surgeries.
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma causes damage to the optic nerve, this damage often occurs due to an abnormally high pressure in your eyes, which is one of the main causes of blindness for people over the age of 60, in the Saudi German Hospital we perform all types of glaucoma surgeries, We also provide all eye examinations, which include measuring the intraocular pressure so that we can discover the infection at an early stage and provide the appropriate treatment for it.

At the Saudi German Hospital, we adopt a set of ethical and human values that  govern our work and treatment of patients:

  • Excellence: We work to provide our best professional services, to provide the highest quality of services continuously, and to obtain the utmost degree of reliability for our customers, so that we turn into a reference and certified expert in the medical field.
  • Diversity: For us, diversity relates to understanding and accepting the differences that individuals enjoy geographically, materially, intellectually, emotionally and culturally, and in finding the values that a union brings together and brings these differences together, so that they are effective and innovative.
  • Integrity: We have the courage to act based on our convictions, and support integrity, honesty, and trust in everything we do. We consider patients' respect, assistance and maintenance of order as the basic elements of integrity for us.
  • Empathy: Understanding others' point of view, recognizing the impact of an individual’s actions on others, giving great appreciation to human dignity and ensuring positive actions that support these elements, is what compassion means to us.
  • Working with one team spirit: Teamwork for us is to strive towards the common goal through cooperation, and rely on each other's strength and commitment on the basis of mutual trust and shared values.
  • Social commitment: Our focus is on the positive impact we make on society, the environment and the life we Our responsibilities extend to the highest legal and ethical standards that govern our service delivery.

Some advantages of the Saudi German Hospital:

  • Doctors: The eye department of the Saudi German Hospital - Dammam branch consists of a team of highly qualified doctors who graduated from the best universities and ophthalmology institutes in the world. The Saudi German Hospital sends doctors in the eye diseases department in fellowships in the United States and Europe to learn the latest surgical and treatment techniques And, they will always be aware of the latest developments in ophthalmology.
  • The latest equipment and technologies: The Saudi German Hospital - Dammam branch is keen on adopting the latest technologies, equipment and surgical devices used in the treatment of various eye diseases.
  • Quality: The Saudi German Hospital - Dammam branch is committed to providing the highest quality services to our patients, by applying the highest international quality standards for quality and patient safety. The Saudi German Hospital is proud that all its surgical facilities are accredited by the best international committees for hospital accreditation.