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قسم المسالك البولية

Plastic Surgery Department

The Department of Plastic Surgery at the Saudi German Hospital /  Dammam  has a distinguished team of skilled and best plastic surgeons, as well as a number of nurses who take care and follow the patients' condition within the department in various specializations, which include facial, hands, and jaw surgery, microscopic surgeries, burns and plastic surgeries to get a firm consistency, or an attractive look through a bundle of services that will be talked about in the coming lines.

Here is a package of services of the Department of Beauty in Saudi German:

Plastic surgery has witnessed great development and popularity during the past few years after attention to appearance has become an essential component for everyone of both sexes, and in light of the tremendous progress and development witnessed by this type of surgery, Saudi Hospital in Dammam  has been keen to keep abreast of new developments and developments, to provide the best and latest equipment and capabilities within the department Plastic surgery, and today the hospital is proud to find the plastic surgery department, which includes an elite of the best specialists and distinguished consultants professors in this specialization to provide a set of services for patients who want to transform their lives for the better. Services in the following:

  • Cosmetic injections: Botox injections are used to remove wrinkles on the forehead and around the eye area, along with eyebrows lifting and filler injection to enlarge the cheeks and lips, mesotherapy to treat hair loss and the freshness of the face and skin and plasma-lined injection (PRP) for skin freshness and hair loss treatment, Carboxy Therapy to treat auras Black, cellulite, weak hair and hair loss.
  • Laser : in which damage and defects are repaired using the laser technology, which is considered the best and the latest modern and advanced technology in conducting cosmetic interventions and changes to treat some cases, such as getting rid of excess hair in the body without feeling any pain, and treating the effects of acne, removing wrinkles and tightening the face without any interference Surgeon, besides treating scars, getting rid of the effects of burns, treating pigmentation, freckles, dark circles around the eye area, removing sebaceous spots, pimples, skin and viral appendages, as well as removing capillaries present in the foot.
  • Surgical methods are also provided: which specializes in treating hand surgeries, microscopic surgeries, breast and abdomenal plastic surgery, liposuction and rhinoplasty, as well as reconstructing the breast if it is removed, and this is done in coordination with oncologists for the success and completion of the task. Ideally, reconstruct the amputated limbs, get rid of multiple nerve whiplash injuries in the body, post-burn surgeries and all this together with the treatment of skin loss injuries.
  • Reconstructive surgeries: which are concerned with the reconstruction and restoration of the breast after cancer, in addition to congenital deformities, as well as repairing lip clefts and skull deformities, restoring the face, jaws and hand, restoring the head and neck after cancer surgery as well, repairing defects after undergoing surgical intervention and repairing post-accident deformities .
  • Cosmetic surgeries: tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, neck and chin reduction besides removing fat in it, rhinoplasty and ear beautification, laser and facial peeling, facial rejuvenation by chin identification, face lift, jaw setting, eyebrow and front identification, facial contouring and tooth restoration And the installation of the skin, as well as the face lift using the best modern technology and devices, including laser and ultrasound
  • Eyelid surgeries: which specializes in restoration and repair of the eyelids, such as performing eye-rap surgery, which includes a surgical procedure to repair prolapse and rebuild the eyelids, along with lacrimal duct surgeries.
  • N.B: This is what helps the cosmetic department of the Saudi Hospital to provide a distinct package of the best services that would help patients, to look elegant and attractive, whether it was to repair birth defects or scars, accidents, burns or restoration of any part of the body, not to mention About providing the best patient care whether it is room service, nutrition services or even pharmacy services, which makes the department a major medical cosmetic focus by all standards.