Medical departments
أنف و أذن و حنجره


The department includes several units prepared and equipped at the highest levels to perform all operations related to the ear, nose and throat, including:

Throat and mouth operations

Nose and sinus operations

Throat and vocal cords operations

Ear operations and microscopic surgeries

Audio unit:

The audiology unit provides many medical services for patients with hearing and balance disorders. These services are summarized in different audiometrics, including:

  • Evaluating all cases of hearing impairment of all kinds and degrees and measuring hearing in the open field.
  • Various tests for measuring the functions of the middle ear
  • Computer audiometry
  • It works to determine the functional state of the ciliary cells responsible for hearing sensitivity at the level of the cochlea.
  • Hearing assessment in newborns and different ages.


Cochlear implant unit:

Cochlear implant patients are selected through very accurate audio and imaging tests, which helps to increase the patient’s benefit rate from this advanced rehabilitation method and the cochlear implant process is suitable for those patients who suffer from severe hearing deficiency, which makes it impossible to benefit from headphones and compare them with the global results of cochlear implant In addition, the device is programmed and hearing is evaluated periodically after cochlear implant surgery.