Medical departments


The department includes a selection of professors, doctors, consultants and Arabs to provide programs to follow up natural pregnancy and critical pregnancy and the diagnosis and treatment of repeated miscarriages and early diagnosis of tumors of the reproductive system and uterine fall and surgical endoscopy for the treatment of tumors of uterine and ovarian bags and women's beauty units

It is considered one of the distinguished departments in the hospital. The department is supervised by a group of specialist doctors and specialists:

The department provides the following services:

- An integrated program to follow up the normal pregnancy and there is a special unit to follow the critical pregnancy.

- Diagnosis and treatment of repeated abortions and complete examinations.

- Diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy.

- Early diagnosis of cervical, uterine, abdominal and ovarian tumors.

- Conservative and surgical treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the reproductive system.

- hysterectomy and fibroids

- Obstetrics without pain.

- Treatment and follow-up symptoms around the age of menopause.

- Regulation of hormonal disorders and menstrual cycle.

- Different pelvic operations to treat vaginal and uterine fall.

- Vaginal reconstruction operations.

- There is a special unit to treat delayed reproduction.