Medical departments
قسم الاشعه


The department offers all types of regular and with contrast radiology, CT scans, ultrasound and Doppler, and magnetic resonance with and without dye.

Regular radiology  and with contrast radiology are available on all parts of the body such as the skull, jaw, chest, limbs and joints, among others. It also provides regular radiology service inside operating rooms.

In addition to with contrast radiology on all parts of the body such as urinary tract, uterus, lacrimal glands. And barium radiation.

Panorama x-rays are also available on the teeth.

CT scans are available in pigment and dye for all parts of the body, such as the brain, neck and arteries, including the aorta and pulmonary artery.

All operate under the supervision of a distinguished and specialized team of doctors and specialists.