Medical specialties

The department offers all types of regular and with contrast radiology, CT scans, ultrasound and Doppler, and magnetic resonance with and without dye.

The Rheumatology Department offers the latest methods for treating rheumatoid arthritis in addition to:

The department provides the latest methods of detection, examination, diagnosis and treatment of eye and retinal diseases.

The department provides everything related to the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases, including:

The department includes a selection of professors, doctors, consultants and Arabs to provide programs to follow up natural pregnancy and critical pregnancy and the diagnosis and treatment of repeated miscarriages and early diagnosis of tumors of t

The department has the latest medical equipment and skilled medical personnel which helps in performing many surgeries such as balloon angioplasty, acute and chronic arterial insufficiency, varicose veins treatment, stroke treatment, diabetic foot

The Department of Psychiatry provides advanced services in the treatment of patients with addiction and mental illness in the areas of aging disorders, diseases of the elderly and psychological anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder and cases o

The physiotherapy department includes the latest medical equipment at the hands of a distinguished medical team in the areas of:

Spinal cord injuries