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5 ENT Courses

5 ENT Courses


22 cme


1-2nd Saudi Sleeping And Snoring Surgery Course And Workshop (22 CME)
Jan31, Feb1-2, 2020
Course Director:Dr. Rajab Alzahrani

Prof. Yassin S, Bahgat
Dr. Abdulhadi Aljassim
Dr. Ahmed Yassin Bahgat
Dr. Saleh AlGhamdi
Dr. Rajia Murad 


Learning Objectives:

After the course, participants will be able to:

1.   Conduct bedside evaluation of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

2.   Identify the static and dynamic obstruction.

3.   Acquire better understanding and formulate rational non-surgical and surgical approach to patients with snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

4.   Understand the role of basic and advanced surgical techniques (nasal, palatal and hypopharyngeal surgeries) in the treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

5.   Properly select and perform safely the basic and advance sleep surgical techniques.

6.   Manage patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea perioperatively.

7.   Understand controversies in the surgical treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

8.   Perform the hands on step by step evaluation techniques on fresh frozen cadavers.

9.   Perform hands on step by step basic and advanced obstructive sleep disorders surgery on Fresh frozen cadavers.


1. ENT doctors – Consultants, Specialists, Residents

2. Physician Plastic Surgery in accurate

3. Surgeons in accurate


ENT doctors – Consultants, Specialists,  Residents
Registration fee  : 2000 SR

19 CME


2-2nd Saudi Sialendoscopy Hands-on Workshop (19 CME)

4-5-6 February 2020


Learning Objective:

After the course, participants will be able to acquire the following knowledge and skills about Sialendoscopy Procedure:

1) Indications of Sialendoscopy.

2) The preoperative preparations.

3) The OR setting.

4) The anesthesia protocols.

5) The operative steps.

6) Intraoperative documentation.

7) Complications.

8) Day surgery vs admission.

Course Director: Dr. Rajab Alzahrani

Course Instructor:

  • Prof. Emad Ahmed Magdy
  • Prof. Rashid Kalfan Alabri
  • Dr. Khalid Alahmadi
  • Dr. Mujtaba Alrayah
  • Dr. Tarek Alshaikh
  • Dr. Ibrahim Alsheikhi

Accreditation: Lecture : Applied


ENT doctors – Consultants, Specialists,  Residents

Registration fee   :

              Lecture Session only :500 SR

              Lecture & Hands-on Session  :2,000 SR



3- 3rd Temporal Bone Dissection Course and Workshop (24 CME)
11-12-13 February 2020

Objective of the Course:

       ** To teach and train Surgical Skills in field of Ear Surgery and Cochlear

                                   Implant and Implantable Hearing Devices

       ** To improve quality and safety of surgery in this field

Course Director: Dr. Abdulmoniem Shaikh

Course Instructor:


Prof. Khalid Taibah
Prof. Khalid Alnoury
Dr. Esam Saleh
Dr. Ahmad Alamadi
Dr. Ibrahim Shami
Dr. Fareed Alzahrani
Dr. Mohamed Al-Shehabi
Dr. Hassan Alshehri
Dr. Saed Al-Ghamdi
Dr. Ahmad Alshehri
Dr. Rayan Al-Husseani
Dr. Khalid A. BADR


Registration fee  : 3,000 SR



4-Basic and Advanced Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course (20 CME)
25-26-27 February 2020

Objective of the Course:

        ** To facilitate a complete safe sinus surgery for the patients thru the

                 encouragement of practical surgical skills of ENR surgeons

Course Director:    Dr. Tarek Alshaikh

Course Instructor:


Prof. Reda Kamel
Dr. Mohammed Al-Bar
Prof. Osama Margalani
Dr. Talal Alandejani
Dr. Mahmoud Joharji
Dr. Dakheelallah Al Mutairi
Dr. Islam R. Herzallah
Dr. Omar A. Abu Suliman
Dr. Naif Alfattani
Dr. Hasan AlJedani 


Registration fee  : 2000 SR
TARGET AUDIENCE: ENT doctors – Consultants, Specialists,  Residents


14 CME


5-Septorhinoplasty Dissection Course (14 CME)
3-4-5 March 2020

Objective of the Course:

       ** Know the nasal anatomy and important landmarks

       ** Perform rhinology surgeries as qualified safe surgeons

       ** Handling septorhinoplasty cases with confidence and care

Course Director: Dr. Ashraf Abduljabbar

Course Instructor :

  • Dr. Turki Saad Almutairi
  • Dr. Talal Abdulaziz Alandejani
  • Dr. Hossam M.T. Foda
  • Dr. Abdulkareem Feda
  • Dr. Adari Alqurashi

Registration fee  : Dissection – 4,000 SR

                               Non-Dissection – 1,500 SR


Individual price
Lecture Session only:500 SR - Lecture & Hands-on Session: 1,500 SR - Specialists And Consultants :2000 SR
Anatomy Laboratory, Batterjee Medical College (BMC), North Obhur
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