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Gastrointestinal tract and liver

The endoscopy unit is one of the vital units in the hospital. The binoculars are of great importance in diagnosing diseases of the upper and lower digestive system.
Specialists in this field.

The unit is equipped with the latest endoscopy devices, which are characterized by high electronic medical techniques make the results of the diagnosis is accurate without the intervention of the human factor, and these perspectives in the cases of early detection of cancer.
Upper gastrointestinal binoculars
It is used in the diagnosis of chronic or acute pain in the upper abdomen, heartburn, pharynx, and a feeling of nausea or blood spasms, where the doctor detects the areas mentioned except for infections, places of bleeding, presence of internal diet or tumors, God forbid.
This lens is also used for treatment where it can be through the end of the telescope, which contains the heads of one of them to a camera and the other through which the introduction of special tools for example to stop bleeding or take a sample or remove the internal skin tissue to be sent for microscopy and many other therapeutic means. Also do not forget to remove alien objects.
Bactericidal Endoscopy:
It works in the same way as the upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, but the device used has more features and features that enable the endoscopy of bile ducts, as one of the most important reasons for its work is obstruction of the gallbladder which causes pain and yellowing. Therefore, the doctor does this telescope to explore and then treat the cause. Stones that can be removed by this telescope, even if the result of narrowing can expand narrowing and also if the result of the presence of a tumor can be opened and left.
Lower digestive binoculars
You are exploring the entire large intestine. For example, chronic or severe pain in the lower abdomen or middle and side, anal bleeding or even blood out with stool, diarrhea or chronic constipation, where the doctor detects the areas mentioned to exclude infections, places of bleeding , The presence of appendicitis of internal diet or tumors, God forbid and others.
And its therapeutic use is very broad, including but not limited to the removal of polyps and sampling and sending them to the microscopic examination as well as stop bleeding as well as the removal of foreign objects. It is worth mentioning that there are binoculars of the lower gastrointestinal tract hard to detect only the last parts of the large intestine, and for the work of the full endoscope uses a flexible telescope. Detection of stomach germ using balloon