Medical departments
قسم العيون

Department of Ophthalmology

Eye clinic inside the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh works to provide integrated health care services for all cases form children to adults, through consultants specialized in all special ophthalmic specialties such as vision correction such as cataract removal and lens cultivation

Diagnosis and treatment of diabetic retinal diseases with laser

Lasik vision correction operations

Diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma by laser and surgery

And treatment of keratoconus and corneal topography

Astigmatism treatment

In addition, all operations are carried out in specially designed operating rooms according to high medical standards.

The department includes eye surgeries and is supervised by high-level consultants in the treatment of eye surgeries, where they perform many operations, including:

Retinal surgery (vitrectomy)

Retinal transplantation (retina chip)

Corneal transplantation (especially partial transplantation of the cornea of the eye)

corneal stem cells in the event of chemical burns and infections

Cataract laser surgery (cataract surgery with femtosecond laser)

glaucoma surgery (canaloplasty)