Medical departments


The Department of Psychiatry is distinguished for its treatment of all conditions and different ages

They include:

Treating cases of depression, psychological anxiety, psychotic schizophrenia and various personality disorders

Affective disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social phobia and panic attacks

Psychiatric illnesses are physical and emotional disturbances. As for mental illnesses in children, they include cases of hyperactivity with distraction, autism, lack of intelligence, depression of children and various types of anxiety in children.

Psychiatric diseases in the elderly include treatment and follow-up of Alzheimer's patients, depression and anxiety in the elderly in addition to behavioral treatment for different ages and includes behavioral treatment, cognitive behavioral of various psychological cases through specialists in the department and the work of psychological measurements and include tests of intelligence and hyperactivity and distraction and autism and different personality disorders tests, depression and anxiety The most important thing that distinguishes us in the psychiatric department is the work of electric shock sessions on the brain under the general anesthetic, for cases of severe depression and stubbornness and unresponsive to drug treatments, and postpartum depression As well as various cases of schizophrenia