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The Department of Rheumatic Diseases at the Saudi German Hospital, Riyadh, provides all services related to the diagnosis and treatment of special rheumatic diseases that are related to the conditions of joints, soft tissues, and autoimmune diseases, along with genetic connective tissue diseases and vasculitis, and this is done using the best and latest technologies and devices to prevent deformities And morbidity, in order to improve the patient's life and help him to get rid of any pain related to any of the rheumatic problems.

Advantages of the Department of Rheumatic Diseases

  • Rheumatic disease is one of the diseases of the immune system that affects different parts of the human body, where chronic inflammation occurs in the joints and tissues causing a lot of severe pain and swelling to the patient as a result of an imbalance in the immune system. Instead of protecting the body from bacteria or viruses that attack the body, it is mistaken The immune system attacks the connective tissues inside the joints, bones, some of the other organs, lungs, skin, eyes, heart, and blood vessels, which leads to bone erosion and the matter becomes more complicated when deformities occur in the joints and there are many cases that suffer from Physical disability.
  • Therefore, those in charge of establishing the Saudi German Hospitals Group were keen to provide the best devices and technologies used in discovering these problems and thanks to their keeping pace with developments taking place on the medical scene, especially in light of the development and progress witnessed by medicine today.
  • The Department of Rheumatic Diseases in Saudi German Germany, Riyadh, is one of the best departments in the hospital that possesses the best devices and technologies, so the clinical detection of the entire locomotor system, along with laboratory and radiological examinations, the most prominent of which is the examination by CT scan and magnetic resonance MRI ", as well as the Lunar IDXA, which is used to measure bone density It is characterized by the use of direct digital technology and accurate calibration of the patient.
  • Also, the Rheumatology Department in Saudi German has a good number of the best doctors and experts specialized in treating rheumatic diseases. The team’s doctors have managed to treat a patient with chronic autoimmune arthritis disease known to be dangerous, and this is not due to the severe and difficult pain it causes in all the joints of the body, and then prevented The patient is able to carry out his activities and perform his daily tasks and functions, but rather because of the joint injury caused by erosion and stiffness and the loss of her motor function completely, and after diagnosing the case it was treated through one of the biological drugs that are a real medical discovery and modern revolution in P In medicine, in the treatment of such cases, after the patient came to the hospital in a wheelchair, the medical team performed all laboratory tests and analyzes, and then gave her this biological drug, which made a huge difference in her health condition, after the condition was deteriorating and hopeless completely during a very short period since She entered the Saudi Hospital and provided all matters of support. The patient's condition improved in a very short period thanks to this discovery, which is a true scientific medical revolution by all standards.
  • The hospital also has the best physiotherapists who rehabilitate the patient, and help him recover from the rheumatic problem that he complains about using the latest devices to perform natural sessions for patients to help him move the affected area by doing therapeutic exercises that are among the first priorities that are characterized by their effectiveness.
  • Not to mention that it has the best electrical appliances, which are ultrasound, laser, infrared, frequency waves and short waves, along with the presence of tools to assist in physiotherapy sessions such as the wrist, knee, neck, back strap, and appropriate shoe (medical or Athlete) and splints of all kinds.


Rheumatic problems are a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the joints, tendons, muscles, cartilage, and ligaments, which is not a pathological condition in itself, but rather a group of complaints called rheumatic pain. Which, if neglected or forgotten, may cause a movement disability, so before the problem worsens, it is necessary to expedite the early detection and diagnosis of this problem, and the Saudi-German rheumatic disease department Riyadh has the best modern equipment and technologies that enable early detection and diagnosis of this matter, not to mention the inclusion of some of the best Orthopedics and rheumatic diseases..