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The Community Health Services Committee in the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh held its first meeting with the community work bodies

The "Community Health Services Committee" in the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh held its first meeting with the community work bodies

The Saudi German Hospital Riyadh organized a videoconference via Zoom, which was attended by Dr. Moatak Al-Shahrani, the Executive Director-General as Chairman of the meeting. The meeting was also attended by a number of patients who praised the services provided by the hospital. The meeting aims to emphasize the importance of community work and the development of relations between the Saudi German Hospital and all sectors of society and meet its health and social needs.

The goals that the Saudi German Hospital seeks to achieve behind this meeting were also discussed, among them: Establishing links between the community and the hospital, developing a network with health partners and community leaders in order to improve the health services provided to the community,providing a means to assess and monitor the health status of the community served by the hospital ,developing strategies to enhance their experience, developing operational plans based on health needs, and developing programs to empower the community in healthcare decision-making.

The participants in the symposium stressed on the importance of this step taken by the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh and praised its good results on the health sector and the level of health services.

The Saudi German Hospital presented its unique experience with the emergence of the Corona pandemic, which was reflected in the development of performance and the development of new ways to provide health services to patients and the formation of effective partnerships in training and education and benefit from global experiences such as its association with the global network of Mayo Clinic hospital centers, which had a good impact in dealing with treatments Corona, treatment of critical cases and more complex cases and obtaining advice in this field.

It is scheduled to repeat the meeting with the members of the committee by the end of this year