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 Axial left artery after enlargement and smart stent placement

Rescuing a patient from a double acute stroke in arteries of the heart led to cardiac arrest in the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh

The patient came to the hospital emergency with severe chest pain, so ECG was done which revealed presence of an acute ischemia in the inferior wall of the heart, which led to cardiac arrest and immediately the medical team performed a cardiac resuscitation

The heart regained its action and was immediately transferred to perform cardiac catheterization and acute thrombolysis.

Where diagnostic catheters have shown the presence of a rare type of cardiac strokes, severe blockage of two major cardiac arteries, and the symptoms often known in a heart attack is a single artery blockage.

The therapeutic catheterization and dissolution of clots of the arteries were enlarged with the development of smart stents that keep the artery open and blood flow to the heart muscle ... and then transferred the patient to CICU where the drug treatment was completed ..

And, thanks to God, the patient was discharged in a stable condition to attend, one week after his discharge, from CICU to follow up in the outpatient cardiac clinic in an excellent health condition.