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The stars of "Al-Alamy" are hosted by the Saudi German Hospital for medical examinations

The stars of "Al-Alamy" are hosted by the Saudi German Hospital for medical examinations

The stars of "Al-Nasr Sports Club" in the presence of the team's coach, Roy Vitoria, Captain Ahmed Moosa and Nour Al-Din Amrabat and Mukhtar Ali, and the technical and medical teams visited the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh, conducted medical examinations and took reassurances, and the stars of the world were received by the medical team specialized in fighting the spread of Corona, who With all the medical procedures followed in a system, in a step that confirms the "global" commitment to the protocol for the return of sports activity announced by the Saudi Ministry of Sports, which included adopting precautionary measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) and stressing the need to implement them in a manner that achieves the logo of a safe sport that achieves safety for all ,

For its part, the Public Relations Department of Al-Nasr Sports Club thanked the "Heroes of Health" team at the Saudi German Hospital in Riyadh for the great interest they showed in receiving the team's stars and the great care they received while performing the necessary medical procedures and taking smears.

The hospital administration also expressed its happiness to receive the stars of Al-Nasr Club and to provide all its distinguished medical and health care services in order to maintain the safety of players and technical and administrative teams and the masses, and pointed to the high readiness and medical preparations in various disciplines to do what is necessary towards sports teams and requirements to equip players and reassure their safety to run in the midst of Sports competitions, continuing the journey and entertaining the fans.

It is worth mentioning that the Saudi German Hospital Riyadh pays great attention to the needs of sports activity, and for this purpose established the Center for Sports Injury and Medical Rehabilitation

((Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament, meniscus cartilage and sports shoulder injuries such as hamstring injury, frequent shoulder dislocation, foot and ankle injuries)) It attracted medical and technical competencies at the highest level and the latest medical equipment that made diagnosis and treatment at its highest level according to international medical standards, which earned a center Bones are a great confidence in sports circles and create opportunities for treatment in them instead of traveling abroad and saving money, time and effort.