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3 Abnormal forms of vaginal discharge

3 Abnormal forms of vaginal discharge

Normal vaginal discharge seems to be odorless clear secretions; so any other form could be a sign for medical issue. Through this topic we will highlight the most significant abnormal forms of vaginal discharge.

  1. White vaginal discharge: it's commonly an indication for two cases:
  • Ovulation: during ovulation time, clear vaginal secretions become thicker and white in color by the effect of hormones.
  • Candidiasis: it is local fungal infection which is manifested with; cheese-like white secretions, itching and burning sensation. It's treated mainly by local and systemic antifungal drugs.
  1. Grayish vaginal discharge: it is caused by bacterial vaginosis, which is manifested with foul-smelling grayish discharge. This form of discharge tends to be more prominent before and after menstruation as well as after intercourse. Management plan consists mainly of local and systemic antibiotics.
  2. Greenish-yellow vaginal discharge: it seems to be a sign for trichomoniasis, which is sexually transmitted infection, and is manifested with; frothy greenish-yellow secretions, itching, burning sensation, local redness and sometimes dysuria. Treatment of trichomonas vaginalis includes antibiotics just as in bacterial vaginosis.


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