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4 Possible causes for excessive belching

4 Possible causes for excessive belching

Belching is gas release from the digestive system (mainly esophagus and stomach) orally; it's a physiological phenomenon, but excessive belching could be embarrassing or an indication of certain health issue. So we will highlight the most important possible causes that could result in excessive belching.

  1. Air ingestion due to rapid eating or drinking. Also overeating could be a reason for excessive belching.
  2. There are certain foods that lead to intra-abdominal gas formation and excessive belching, they include; beans, broccoli, onions and most dark leafy vegetables (cabbage, radish, watercress… etc.) as well as soft drinks.
  3. Eating gums for long duration could lead to ingestion of large amount of air and excessive belching. In the same context, medical studies showed that sugar-containing gums are more liable to cause excessive belching compared with sugar-free gums.
  4. GIT problems such as; indigestion, malabsorption, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), heart burn… etc.

Prevention of excessive belching consists of the following tips:

  • Eat slowly and chew your food well.
  • Avoid overconsumption of foods that promote formation of abdominal gases.
  • Sleeping after meals isn't allowed, especially after fatty or greasy meals.
  • Walking after meals is very helpful in promoting digestion and prevention of abdominal gases.
  • Management of any apparent GIT health issue.
  • Skip smoking.


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