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5 Common misconceptions about cancer

5 Common misconceptions about cancer

  1. Cancer always kills

The fact: most cancerous lesions are currently treatable (depending on site, size, number and staging of tumor), even in advanced stages of certain tumors such as testicular cancer and lymphomas.

  1. Cancer will cause hair loss

The fact: cancer itself isn't responsible for hair loss. On the other side, exposure to radiotherapy or chemotherapy may result in hair loss. Also, it should be noted that there are many therapeutic measures that involve limited or no hair loss at all.

  1. Cancer is a contagious disease

The fact: cancer can't be transmitted from a person to another, whether through direct contact or body fluids or even the air.

  1. Cancer is a hereditary disease

The fact: cancer isn't a hereditary disease, but having positive family history of certain types of cancer (such as breast cancer or colon cancer) increases the risk to develop these types of cancer, but it's not inevitable.

  1. Cancer always causes pain

The fact: some cancerous lesions may cause variable degrees of pain, while other lesions don't involve pain at all. Anyway, management of painful tumors usually includes palliative treatment for pain relief.

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