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5 Warning signs for renal failure

5 Warning signs for renal failure

Renal failure occurs when the kidneys aren't working efficiently. Medical studies showed that there are certain risk factors which may increase the incidence of renal failure such as; family history, diabetes, hypertension… etc.

According to this fact, you should pay attention to the following warning signs of renal failure:

  1. Increased blood pressure: kidneys share in controlling blood pressure through releasing certain hormones, so uncontrolled blood pressure recommends renal failure.
  2. Changes in the habits related to urination, such as oliguria. Also, urine tends to be more frothy and darker.
  3. Salt and water retention; which is manifested with lower limb edema and eye puffiness, especially in the morning hours or after eating meals rich in salt.
  4. GIT symptoms, such as; nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating, decreased appetite and weight loss. These symptoms tend to marked in the morning immediately after waking up.
  5. Unexplained chronic fatigue associated with deterioration of memory and inability to concentrate.

If you have one of the mentioned clinical signs, you should consult a doctor for examination and doing some investigations such as kidney function test and pelvi-abdominal ultrasound examination.


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