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7 Health benefits for oats

7 Health benefits for oats


  1. Oats is very effective in reducing blood cholesterol level, so it's good nutritional choice for preventing cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Oats regulates digestion and absorption, so it protects against many GIT symptoms such as; abdominal distension, constipation, diarrhea… etc.
  3. Dietitians recommend oats for weight loss, due to its high content of dietary fibers which give the sense of fullness and satiety. Also oats is rich in carbohydrates and proteins, so it's recommended for athletes who wish to increase their muscular body mass.
  4. Recent medical studies showed that oats is very helpful in protection against stomach and colon cancers, due to its high content of dietary fibers.
  5. It's recommended to eat oats 2-3 hours before bed time in cases of insomnia and sleeping disorders; this is because oats contain natural substances that help in good sleeping and mood improving.
  6. Oats has a unique anticoagulant effect, so it can be used in cases of coagulopathy.
  7. Oats is widely used for cosmetic purposes; it helps in elimination of acne and safe skin cleaning. Also it's effective in removal of wrinkles and skin aging signs.

On the other hand, despite the unique features of oats; it's contraindicated for patients of celiac disease (hypersensitivity against gluten in wheat, barley and oats); also patients of gout should consume oats within limits as it is rich in proteins and uric acid.


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