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9 Tips to enjoy healthy life

9 Tips to enjoy healthy life

  1. Be smart in your food choices: simply, what we eat has a major role on our health condition. So, our diet should consist mainly of lean protein as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. On the other side, it's advised to limit carbohydrates and sugars as possible.
  2. Do some exercise; according to experts, walking for 30-60 minutes every day reduces the incidence of chronic diseases. Also, it's preferred to add running, swimming or aerobics to your physical activities.
  3. Watch your body weight: being overweight puts you in a great danger of many health issues, such as; diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, breathing problems and cancer. For that, your body mass index should range between 18 & 25.
  4. Regular check of blood pressure: blood pressure reflects the current status of your heart and main blood vessels. So regular check of blood pressure is a good method for assessment of your heart condition, also it helps in early detection and proper management of any cardiac issue.
  5. Regular check of blood cholesterol level: as increased level of cholesterol increases the risk of heart problems, strokes, atherosclerosis and many vascular diseases.
  6. Regular check of blood glucose level: for early detection and management of diabetes or pre-diabetes consditions.
  7. Get enough hours of night sleep: as it helps us to restore energy as well as improving physical and mental health. So, it's advised to get 6-8 hours of night sleep every day.
  8. Regular routine check-ups & vaccination.
  9. Quit smoking.
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