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How does COVID-19 spread?

How does COVID-19 spread?


COVID-19 is clearly transmitted mainly through person-to-person contact.

For example, if you are sitting next to someone having COVID-19, then he suddenly sneezed or coughed. If he didn't cover his mouth and nose, sneezing or coughing droplets containing the virus will spread to you and enter your airways, and you will have COVID-19 after few days of incubation period.

To avoid the pervious tragic scenario:

  • You should avoid crowded and poorly ventilated areas.
  • Avoid person-to-person contact except for necessity.
  • Anyone with COVID-19 or suspect having COVID-19 should be isolated in quarantine until full recovery, and should wear a protective mask to avoid spread of infection.

Another example, if you met someone who is COVID-19 positive (with or without clinical manifestations) and he touched his mouth or nose with his hand. When this person shakes your hand, the virus will transfer to your hands; if you touch your mouth or nose with the same hand, you will have COVID-19.

To avoid the pervious tragic scenario:

  • Shaking hands is completely forbidden.
  • Touching face, eyes, mouth with hands is completely forbidden.
  • Wash your hands frequently with water and soap.
  • Hand sanitizers should be used frequently.
  • Avoid touching commonly touched surfaces (cell phones, tables, door handles… etc.) until it has been sterilized.

On the other side, recent studies showed that COVID-19 could be present in stool, so researchers suggest that public toilet could be a possible source for infection.


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