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What is travelers' diarrhea?

What is travelers' diarrhea?


Travelers' diarrhea is a common medical condition that could occur when someone travels from one country to another; it develops as a result of changes in climatic conditions, also contaminated food or water could be responsible for travelers' diarrhea, especially when travelling to developing countries.

So we will highlight the most important precautions that should be taken into account, in order to avoid travelers' diarrhea; which are the same instructions for management of travelers' diarrhea.

  1. It's forbidden to eat food form unknown source or from street vendors or in a place with low level of hygiene.
  2. It's forbidden to eat raw foods such as sushi, rare or medium-rare meat. In the same context, don't eat dairy products before ensure its sterilization by boiling or pasteurization.
  3. It's advised to drink packed mineral water, or drinking tap water after filtration and boiling. Also the source of water used to make ice cubes should be investigated, and ensuring that its source is clean and safe.
  4. Avoid exposure to cold air, and use appropriate clothing according to the weather of your destination.
  5. In cases of travelers' diarrhea, medical management includes intestinal antiseptic & anti-diarrheal drugs. If no signs of improvement after 48 hours, antibiotics should be added to the drug regimen. If the diarrhea associated with abdominal pain, antispasmodic drugs can be added for pain relief.


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