Medical specialties

The department provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic medical services for all cardiac diseases. It also includes a special section for heart and chest surgeries.

Services includes:

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The Department of Ophthalmology at Saudi German Hospital in Dammam provides many services for a complete eye examination, diagnosis and treatment of various eye diseases, retinal diseases, field of vision examination,

The Department of Physiotherapy at the Saudi German Hospital in Dammam is distinguished by its constant quest for excellence in achieving our mission, through a group of our experts and specialists in the field of phys

The Department of Orthopedics at the Saudi German Hospital /  Dammam  is considered the most distinguished and most powerful department because it has a trained medical team at the hands of the best experts and special

The General Surgery Department of the Saudi German Hospital /  Dammam  includes a constellation of the best general surgeons who are keen to keep abreast of the latest technologies and devices used in surgeries, in add

The Department of Oncology at the Saudi German Hospital /  Dammam  includes an integrated team of several specialties for the prevention of cancer diseases, using the best and the latest modern and advanced molecular t

The Department of Rheumatic Diseases at the Saudi German Hospital /  Dammam  provides all services related to the diagnosis and treatment of special rheumatic diseases that are related to cases of joints, soft tissues